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Betty White

Bill Murray isn't sure about Betty White for Ghostbusters 3

Bill Murray was on David Letterman's Late Show on Wednesday night — in black tie, for some reason — and though Murray has been in some fine movies, talk turned to a classic, Ghostbusters. The first one was "really great," Murray said, and the second one.... "was not quite as good, but it had some good stuff in it." Letterman brought up the idea of a Ghostbusters 3 with women playing the lead roles. "I think it would be swell," Murray said. "I'd go watch that one in a second."

Then they tackled the big question: Who? "Well, I think you'd want to have some funny girls, and you'd want to have some action girls," Murray said. Pressed for names, he came up with Melissa McCarthy, then Emma Stone ("I think she's funny as heck"), and Linda Cardellini — people he has suggested before. Then he asked for names from the audience: Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones — "all the girls that are on Parks and Recreation are funny," Murray agreed. And then came the only surprise nominee, Betty White. Murray's reaction is easily the best part of the clip. --Peter Weber