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Here's what was inside Boston's 1901 time capsule

Boston's 113-year-old time capsule has officially been opened.

The capsule was found in the head of the Old State House's lion statue, which was taken down for repairs last month. Archivists revealed its contents Wednesday, and the capsule contained various letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, and even political campaign buttons.

In addition to the photographs and news articles, there was one item that surprised the archivists: a hardcover book "with no visible title," The Associated Press reports. The book was unexpected because it wasn't on a list of the items from "an ancestor of a man who worked on the statue," and it wasn't in a 1901 newspaper article about the time capsule, either. The book contained the title "Foreign Relations of the United States" on its inner pages, and it is thought to be a speech by Grover Cleveland, who was president at the time.

The Bostonian Society released an inventory of the items on Wednesday, saying they will be displayed to the public sometime soon.