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Strange Bedfellows

The Daily Show explores the GOP's (probably fleeting) embrace of gay marriage

This week The Daily Show looked at the Republican Party's new outreach campaign to female voters. On Thursday night's show, Jon Stewart and "Senior Pandering Corespondent" Al Madrigal looked at another demographic the GOP is courting, gays and lesbians, via conspicuously downplaying party opposition to same-sex marriage.

Madrigal is nonplussed, and not at all optimistic that this new courtship will last. Two years ago, "the GOP was falling all over itself pretending to love Latinos," he said. "You know how long that love fiesta lasted? Six f--king months!" Latinos would like more attention from the GOP, but "we'd be happy with some simple indifference," he added. "At this point, we would love a shrug of grudging acceptance, so we can go about our lives, living, loving, and enjoying our traditional food." A word of warning for lovers of churros, the Mexican fried dough sticks — if you watch this, you may never look at them quite the same again. --Peter Weber