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Ted Cruz on Supreme Court's gay marriage non-ruling: 'Judicial activism at its worst'

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has accused the Supreme Court of "abdicating its duty to uphold the Constitution" by declining to hear any petitions concerning state-level same-sex marriage bans.

The Justices on Monday revealed they had declined to hear seven appeals concerning lower court rulings that struck down gay marriage bans. In doing so, the Justices effectively legalized same-sex marriage in at least five states.

Hence, Cruz wrote that the Court's decision to not weigh in on the matter was "both tragic and indefensible."

"This is judicial activism at its worst," he said in a statement. "The Constitution entrusts state legislatures, elected by the People, to define marriage consistent with the values and mores of their citizens. Unelected judges should not be imposing their policy preferences to subvert the considered judgments of democratically elected legislatures."