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Gun control

Michael Bloomberg is having trouble finding anti-gun candidates to endorse

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, announced its intent to spend as much as $50 million supporting campaigns across the country in order to elect candidates who support intense gun control. The Washington Times, however, reports that the group "appears to be struggling to find campaigns to back."

On Everytown's endorsement list are candidates from 28 states, most of which are 'safe' Democrats, according to The Washington Times. More than half the House candidates on the list, for instance, are "in districts that political analysts deem to be safely in Democrats' hands, suggesting trouble finding high-profile candidates who could stand to benefit from Bloomberg's help."

Gun control has not recently been the hot-button election issue it has been in the past. A spokesman for the group said the $50 million is not necessarily for campaigns, but will also be used for educational and advocacy efforts.