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Border Crisis

Man smuggled cocaine across the border 7 times before getting caught

Ricardo Garza Ramirez, a Mexican national, has pleaded guilty to federal drug trafficking charges in Texas and could face life in prison. At the time of his capture, Garza, 55, had been across the U.S. border with various drugs at least seven times.

Federal agents first became suspicious of Garza's activities in January of this year, when they apprehended a smuggler with 30 pounds of marijuana driving a BMW sedan registered in Garza's name. When the BMW was again stopped on June 17, it had more than 30 pounds of cocaine hidden inside.

Breitbart reports Garza "told some agents with Homeland Security Investigations that some unidentified men had bought the [BMW] and put it under his name, telling him to drive it into the U.S when told to."

Garza said he was paid $200-300 to pick up the BMW on specific days near the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge and leave it in a parking lot of a shopping center in the U.S., then return hours later to pick it up.