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Jon Stewart blames everyone for the nude celebrity photos hack (except the celebrities)

On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart had some thoughts about this week's big leak of naked and risqué photos of celebrities, hacked (directly or indirectly) from their smartphones. Just about everybody comes in for criticism: The experts on TV news who can't explain how this happened; the numerous commentators who blame the celebrities for taking nude photos of themselves; and Apple, whose iCloud online storage may have been breached. "Huh, you're telling me that something named after what appears firm and stable, but is really just a mass of water vapor, might provide only the illusion of security?" Stewart said. "Interesting."

The one group that doesn't get any blame is the famous women whose photos were hacked and leaked. "Look, people should be free to take photos of themselves doing whatever intimate things they want, for their own private enjoyment, with the reasonable expectation that the internet will not make their nipples the next 'dramatic chipmunk.'" To elaborate on this point — and to explain why only female celebrities were hacked — Stewart brought out a naked Jordan Klepper. Enjoy? --Peter Weber