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Words with Frenemies

Stephen Colbert really hates the new Scrabble words, tries to make up one of his own

The Colbert Report returned to the air on Wednesday night, and Stephen Colbert had something to get off his chest: He does not approve of the new words Scrabble added to its official dictionary, and the millennial-friendly slang "ends our Hasbro-mance." After throwing around a couple more Scrabble-specific puns and jokes, Colbert complained that his own coined word, "truthiness," didn't make the cut.

Even with his disdain for the new words approved by Hasbro's "lexicon-artists," Colbert said he could still beat any young person. So he brought out Brandon, who appears to be about 12. When that doesn't go well, Colbert tries to create his own "new" word to win the game. And when that doesn't go well... --Peter Weber