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Tim Hortons celebrates Burger King buyout with 'Buffalo Crunch' doughut

Burger King finalized its deal to buy Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons on Tuesday, and Tim Hortons also just released a new "Buffalo Crunch" doughnut.

Of course, the release isn't an actual celebration of the Burger King buyout, but the monstrosity proves that the chain is able to keep up with Americans' desire for fast food mashups. The "Buffalo Crunch" doughnut is reassurance that even with both companies headquartered in Canada, the brands will be able to provide Americans with the heart-attack-inducing foods they crave.

The buffalo doughnut can be found exclusively at the New York State Fair through Monday, and it includes a standard doughnut smothered in buffalo sauce and rolled in crushed chips. Tim Hortons really went all out, too — the delicacy comes in both mild and spicy options, with Ranch dressing added to the mild version. Both versions cost $2. --Meghan DeMaria