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dreams do come true

Airbnb is making your dream of spending the night in Ikea a reality

For those who have slept in everything from a hut to a villa, there's only one place left to try: Ikea.

For just one night, Aug. 31, Airbnb and Ikea are teaming up to provide three different sleepovers at the Sydney, Australia, store: Modern Elegance, Inner City Living, and Rustic Charm. Interested parties can sign up online for a chance to win, and if selected, will shell out just $11 Australian dollars (about $10.25 U.S.) for the chance to sleep on a bed you don't have to put together yourself.

There are a few rules, of course. By entering, a person agrees to be part of an event that is covered by the media. Also, Airbnb warns, "you will be woken in the morning in a remarkable way. Nothing frightening — we promise!" One can only hope it will involve being pelted by Swedish meatballs, minus the lingonberry jam.