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Self-driving cars could hit U.K. roads next year

Self-driving cars could appear on U.K. roads as early as next year, according to BBC News.

The vehicles are scheduled be tested in 2015. They'll still be controlled by a driver, though. The tests will involve a group of cars following one another, with one human driver leading the way, aided by Wi-Fi and laser sensors.

U.K. ministers recently visited Sweden to witness tests of the technology, The Sunday Times reports. The department for transportation claimed that "no decision had been reached" on a trial start date for the vehicles, and that safety is "of paramount importance" for driverless cars.

While human drivers are still required in case of emergencies, they will hopefully "relax" during the ride, says the BBC. Researchers proposed the drivers eat or read on the trip.

Not all U.K. residents are happy. Some groups have expressed concern that a group of self-driving vehicles would be "intimidating" to other humans on the road. A poll by the AA, a roadside assistance service in the U.K., found that 65 percent of people would prefer driving to riding in a self-driving car.