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North Korea reportedly moves tanks to Chinese border over 'betrayal' fears

North Korea has reportedly moved tanks as well as armored vehicles to its border with China.

The vehicles are reportedly being sent to an army corps near the border, The Chosun Ilbo, one of South Korea's largest newspapers, reports. North Korea's 12th Corps is in charge of "responding to movements of Chinese troops in an emergency."

There is some cause for skepticism, however, as the report came from a single, unnamed source, and nothing has been confirmed by China or North Korea. The source claimed that the tanks and armored vehicles were moved to the border because North Korea fears China could "betray" it over its nuclear program.

If true, though, it would be the latest example of China and North Korea's fraying relationship. While China is by far North Korea's most important ally — and the main provider of its fuel, arms, and food — Beijing is reportedly growing tired of Pyongyang's behavior, especially the renewal of its nuclear program. It was even said that China recently cut off North Korea's fuel supply. So the question is: Is this North Korea's way of telling China it won't be easily bullied?