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Hamas spokesman: 'We are going to continue this war'

A 72-hour truce proved not enough time to broker an additional ceasefire, as Israel and Hamas resumed fighting in earnest today.

The Israeli military said it attacked more than 30 Gaza sites, while Palestinian militants responded with rockets launched toward southern Israel. As of late this afternoon, the death toll had reached at least 1,911 Palestinians (most of whom were reportedly civilians), 64 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians.

"We are not going to agree to a ceasefire without having all of our demands met," Fawzi Barhoem, a Hamas spokesman, said in a statement to Al Jazeera. "We will not go back. We are going to continue the war until we achieve our goal."

Hamas reportedly demands an end to Israel's blockade in Gaza, along with reopening the airport and seaport. But an Israeli official, speaking anonymously, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not intend to negotiate any terms in Cairo (Egyptian mediators meet with each side separately, as neither recognizes the other's legitimacy) "as long as the shooting goes on."