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What a catch: Fisherman finds extremely rare calico lobster

A New Hampshire fisherman made the quite the catch when he pulled an exceptionally rare calico lobster out of a trap last week.

The lobster is bright orange with dark blue spots, and Josiah Beringer, 27, named it Blue after the color of his trap, he told Seacoast Online. The lobster's spots are caused by a genetic pigmentation mutation that happens in 1 out of every 30 million to 50 million lobsters.

The lobster is estimated to be around five years old and weighs less than two pounds. Beringer decided to give Blue to the Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton, New Hampshire because "I always like to donate cool stuff like that so kids can learn about them," he said.

As rare as the calico lobster is, Beringer says he has caught five of them over the past 14 years. He says that Blue is "by far the coolest by a long shot. This one even had spots on his antennae. It was pretty rad."