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David Lynch on continuing Twin Peaks: 'You never say never'

Keep your fingers crossed, Twin Peaks fans — there's still a chance that the series will continue someday. In an interview with The Guardian, co-creator David Lynch discussed whether he'd have any interest in revisiting Twin Peaks. When asked if he would consider writing new Twin Peaks stories, Lynch said, "In another life, yes." When pressed about whether he'd consider it in this life, Lynch replied, "Like I say, you never say never."

With the release of 90 minutes of never-before-seen Twin Peaks footage less than a week away, fans can look forward to at least a few more surprises from the series — but if Twin Peaks is ever going to get a full-blown sequel, it's still very far off. When asked if he had another movie in the works, Lynch said there were "no plans," as he's currently focused on a new painting.

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