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Israel and Palestine

Israeli ambassador: Our troops should get a Nobel Peace Prize for their 'unimaginable restraint'

Israel's ambassador to the United States says the Israeli Defense Forces deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for showing so much restraint in the nation's ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Speaking at a Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington on Tuesday, the ambassador, Ron Dermer, said that, "No military in history has taken greater care than the IDF to protect innocents of the other side." While admitting there had been heavy civilian casualties on the Palestinian side, he said the threat Hamas posed to Israel in some cases justified attacks even when those attacks jeopardized non-combatants.

"Some are shamelessly accusing Israel of genocide and would put us in the dock for war crimes," he said. "But the truth is that the Israeli Defense Forces should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. A Nobel Peace Prize for fighting with unimaginable restraint."

Israel's incursion has resulted in the deaths of 400 Palestinian civilians, an estimated 25 percent of whom were women and children, according to The Washington Post.