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At Ikea, you can now pick up a dog with your dresser

Maybe they'll be able to help you put together the Fjellse and Tofteryd you just bought: Certain Ikea stores are now teaming up with animal shelters to showcase dogs alongside sofas and nightstands in order to get them adopted by loving families.

In May, an Ikea in Singapore worked with two shelters to start "Home for Hope," strategically placing life-sized cardboard dogs around the store so shoppers could see how cute a dog would look in their bedroom or family room. The goal was to plant the seed in their minds that adopting an adorable pup was the right thing to do (they also had QR codes on the cutouts to scan for more information). The first U.S. store to take part in the project is in Tempe, Arizona, Mashable reports, and already six dogs have been adopted through the Arizona Humane Society.