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Late Night Antics

Whoopi Goldberg and Jimmy Fallon trade mouths, accents, and jokes

Every once in a while, Jimmy Fallon plays a game called Lip Flip with his Tonight Show guests. Wednesday night was such a night, and Whoopi Goldberg was the guest. The game is simple: Through the magic of television, Fallon and Goldberg swap mouths and speak for each other, allowing the two to gently make fun of one another while the audience stares uncomfortably at Fallon with a black mouth and Goldberg with a 5 o'clock mustache shadow.

So, Whoopi's Irish accent sounds very Scottish, and Fallon apparently thinks Goldberg speaks in a variety of strange voices. (Maybe she does?) Then they sing a duet. Fun is had by all. Still, you won't unsee these images anytime soon. --Peter Weber