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Man breaks into Kennedy compound, says he was 'looking for Katy Perry'

Man breaks into Kennedy compound, says he was 'looking for Katy Perry'

Yep, you read that headline correctly. A man broke into the Kennedy compound on Tuesday, and when police asked what he was doing there, he said he was "looking for Katy Perry."

James Lacroix, 53, was charged with breaking and entering into the house in Barnstable, Massachusetts, CNN reports. Police officers arrived at the scene at the request of Edward "Ted" Kennedy Jr., who was alarmed when a stranger answered the house phone.

Kennedy Jr., who was away at his Connecticut home, had called the house to check in on his 16-year-old son, Edward "Ted" Kennedy III, who was in the home during Lacroix's entry but remained unharmed.

When the police arrived, Lacroix told them he had been in the house for three hours and was reading a book, The Washington Post reports. After detailing his affinity for Perry, Lacroix also said that he wanted to speak with John F. Kennedy and claimed he was a veteran.

"...It became clear that Mr. Lacroix was detached from reality," Sgt. Michael Riley of the Barnstable Police Department told The Washington Post. Riley also said Lacroix has a history of "delusional behavior" and "did not... appear dangerous at all."

Lacroix was arrested at the house and held overnight at a local police station. He is awaiting arraignment at the Barnstable District Court. Watch an NBC News report on the arrest below. --Meghan DeMaria