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Tokyo cafe rolls out a Pikachu-themed burger

Tokyo cafe rolls out a Pikachu-themed burger

If Pokemon nostalgia has been getting the best of you lately, never fear: A Pikachu-themed pop-up cafe in Tokyo is serving an adorable teriyaki burger that resembles the classic Pokemon character.

The appropriately named Pikachu Cafe will serve a variety of other foods, including Pikachu beef curry and a mysterious parfait. The cafe is part of a promotion for the new Pokemon the Movie XY.

Eataku reports that the Pikachu Cafe will be open from July 19 to August 31 as part of a Pokemon the Movie XY exhibition in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. The cafe's opening coincides with the film's Japan release on July 19. (The film does not currently have a release date in the U.S.)

Take a look at the Pikachu burger below. --Meghan DeMaria