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Watch the wacky new trailer for Big Hero 6, Disney's first animated Marvel movie

For its first animated movie based on a Marvel franchise, Disney could have adapted any number of famed superhero franchises. Instead, the company went in an intriguingly more offbeat direction: Big Hero 6, a relatively obscure series about an Avengers-esque team of superheroic misfits that includes a sword-wielding chef and a 13-year-old boy genius.

The story may be less familiar to mainstream audiences, but it's clear from this first full-length trailer that Big Hero 6 will be wackier than a standard Marvel superhero flick. Protagonist Hiro may squeeze his robotic balloon pal into something that looks like an Iron Man suit, but his goofy antics are a little more family-friendly than your average, explosion-happy summer blockbuster.

Big Hero 6 hits theaters in November. --Scott Meslow