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Hostess announces another sweet comeback: The Chocodile

Childhood taste buds, rejoice: The Chocodile is back!

Hostess Brands announced the return of its chocolate-covered Twinkie, which will go on sale nationwide this week. The company came back swinging after declaring bankruptcy; last year, Hostess re-released its iconic Twinkies, and this summer it adds another 1990s favorite, explains the Los Angeles Times.

"We see basic consumer trends for Twinkies and we see trends of everything being dipped or wrapped in chocolate, and we thought that by putting the two together we would get a wonderful, fun snack," William Toler, president and CEO of Hostess, said. "It was always part of our desire, as a part of rebuilding Hostess, to bring out the wonderful icons that we have."

Dubbed the "Summer of Twinkies Fun," fans can get ahold of the new bite-sized versions for $3.99 per nine-Chocodile pack.