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Streaming Silence

Aereo 'temporarily' shuts down following Supreme Court decision

If you use Aereo's TV streaming service, sorry, but you just lost a weekend's worth of sitting in front of the tube. CEO Chet Kanojia sent an email to customers this morning, saying that the service will be "temporarily" shut down starting at 11:30 a.m. ET, reports Time.

The switch comes just days after the Supreme Court ruled that the startup was subject to the same re-transmitting fee rules as cable and satellite companies — which Aereo has avoided up until now. The Court said the $8-per-month broadcast television streaming service is thus in violation of copyright laws. Aereo likely cannot start paying those fees without charging customers more, so it may have just found itself Catch-22'ed right out of business. Kanojia offered customers affected by the shut-off a month's worth of returned subscription fees.

Read Kanojia's full letter to customers, here.