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The Cleveland Cavaliers accidentally introduced Andrew Wiggins at a presser as 'Mitchell'

The Cleveland jokes are really too easy here.

The city is filled with sports franchises which consistently, shall we say, underperform, so the Cavaliers' drafting Andrew Wiggins should make the front office very, very happy.

So, maybe Cavs play-by-play announcer Fred McLeod can blame his gaffe on too much excitement over landing the former University of Kansas standout. Maybe the six seasons that Andrew's father, Mitchell, spent as a role player for various NBA teams stand out in the minds of Cleveland folks more than others. Whatever the reason, today's press conference for media to meet Wiggins took a very uncomfortable turn.

This is not how you want to introduce the man who could very well become the face of your franchise: "Let's say hello to Mitchell Wiggins," McLeod says brightly. Then, after the most awkward of pauses, "Andrew Wiggins, excuse me…"

Not to be outdone, later in the presser, General Manager David Griffin reached for Wiggins' new jersey only to discover that it had been misplaced. Another awkward moment ensued, but at least Griffin was quicker on his feet, quipping, "What's worse? Not having the jersey or calling him Mitchell?"

Welcome to Cleveland, Mitchell — I mean, Andrew.