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Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day!

In case you missed the memo, today is National Chocolate Pudding Day. So yes, you should totally splurge on dessert after dinner tonight.

Here are a few ideas to get the celebrating started. --Meghan DeMaria

1. Chocolate silk pie
What's better than a cup of pudding? Pudding that's surrounded by a graham cracker crust, that's what.


2. Chocolate mousse
Okay, mousse isn't technically pudding, but, come on. This holiday only comes once a year. Live large.


3. Chocolate and vanilla layer pudding
This is a classic prepackaged pudding cup flavor, but if you want to feel fancy, make two Jello pudding batches and layer them in a martini glass.


4. Pudding sundae
When pudding just isn't enough, enhance the experience by adding brownies and whipped cream. Enough said.

(Facebook.com/The Pudding Truck)

5. Classic Snack Pack
Nothing beats an old-school, plain chocolate pudding. Sometimes, simple is best!