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Game Set Labradoodles

Andy Murray was late for Wimbledon practice because he stopped to rescue a dog

As if I needed another reason to love Andy Murray.

The tennis star was on his way to practice today when he saw a labradoodle run into the road in front of his car.

"I basically was like, 'What's going on?'" Murray told The Associated Press. "I didn't seen an owner. Then I just jumped out [of] the car. You just get visions of a car coming 'round that corner and hitting the dog. So I just stopped in front of the traffic, got out, stopped the traffic, then tried to stop the dog."

There's something really comforting about the fact that Murray approaches off-the-court conundrums with the same methodical logic he uses while wielding a racket. The best part, though, is that after plopping the dog in the back of his car, Murray met up with his mother, who knew the dog's owner and reunited the pair — although Jane Murray said the labradoodle's owner was almost as excited about her Andy Murray sighting as she was about getting the dog back.

"Andy was sitting in the car (when they returned the dog), and she just went, 'Oh, my god!'" Jane Murray told the AP.

As far as karma goes, looks like Murray may have a lock on Wimbledon. And if nothing else, he inspired this illustration of how I imagine the rescue went down, so there's that. --Sarah Eberspacher