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What the richest and the poorest workers have in common

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a new survey of American workers, and the results are what you may already expect: The people working on weekends are the ones at opposite ends of the income spectrum.

Among American workers with one job, those who fell at either end of the scale were more likely to work on weekends and holidays. Low-income workers were the most likely to work weekends, accounting for 34.4 percent of all weekend workers. Similarly, those from the highest income bracket accounted for 29.7 percent of those working weekends and holidays.

Josh Eidelson at Businessweek presumes that "workers in the top bracket presumably get better perks and greater freedoms than those in the middle, while workers in the bottom bracket "can't afford to pass up an extra weekend or holiday shift or a job that requires Saturdays or Sundays." It's inequality at its finest — so if you've got this weekend off, you should probably be thankful.