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Imitation, Flattery, Conditioner

Pantene basically copied Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign with its new 'Not Sorry' video

Quiet, reflective music. Several women of various ages and ethnicities, each demonstrating behaviors meant to make the Everywoman commiserate with the self-defeating or confidence-lacking moment.

And then!

We are presented with a "What if?" What if women were strong? What if women ignored societal norms and roared? What if they were... NOT SORRY? Cue the soaring, inspirational score, revisit the same women who are now leaning in like Sheryl Sandberg is pushing them and — buy Pantene shampoo.

If this all sounds familiar, it's because the hair care company's new video, "Not Sorry," is basically ripping off Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign. Frankly, both feel incredibly disingenuous to me ("You're perfect the way you are! Be the woman you know you can be! P.S., you still need to shower, so buy our soaps and shampoos!"), but at least Dove called shotgun on this marketing tactic years ago. Still, I'm guessing Pantene is not sorry.

Watch the new spot, below. --Sarah Eberspacher