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Attack of the quacks

A duck stampede is a terrifying event to behold

I had always assumed stampedes were reserved for large, imposing animals — bulls, horses, humans. But, thanks to a video posted by a Thai YouTube user over the weekend, I've been proved horribly, naively wrong. Not only is the stampede an equal opportunity employer for creatures of all sizes, but it also has the ability to transform even the most unassuming animals into one intimidating, relentless mass.

A witness sitting in a stopped car captured the jarring, if brief, event: A fast-moving brown wave of quacking ducks weaves around cars and undulates past the window like overflowing, muddy water you could reach out and touch, if you dared.

Watching this video from the safety of my air-conditioned office, my senses and nerves are assaulted. I can only imagine what drowning in ducks feels like in real life. Watch below for yourself. --Lauren Hansen