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The Daily Show brutally concern-trolls Google Glass discrimination 'victims'

Is it ever all right to discriminate? asked Jon Stewart on Thursday night's Daily Show. As a test case, Jason Jones talked with a panel of people who say they were maltreated simply for... wearing Google Glass. "Yes, it seems even in this day and age you can still be treated differently just because of how you look — wearing a $1,500 face computer," Jones intoned with mock seriousness. The key word is "mock."

Jones was skeptical, but after hearing the complaints from the "Glass Explorers," he conceded in a voiceover: "Maybe these iDouches were right. I couldn't know what they were experiencing until I walked in their shoes." Since $1,500 is a little steep, he made his own — and "I finally understood their pain," Jones said. Well, kind of. --Peter Weber