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Sarah Palin suggests Bowe Bergdahl should buy Rosetta Stone to help him re-learn English

Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images

Sarah Palin has a simple solution to the reports that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is having trouble speaking English following five years in captivity: Buy a Rosetta Stone package. The failed vice presidential candidate and her daughter Bristol lashed out at President Obama and Bergdahl in a post on Facebook.

"Sympathizers now tell the media Bergdahl can't be held to account anytime soon because he can't be interviewed ... claiming he's forgotten how to speak English. Really?" railed Palin, with a picture of her and her daughter shrugging. "Then # Call 1-800-RosettaStone."

She noted that John McCain and other prisoners of war didn't lose their English skills after being held captive. "Seems these war heroes returned to their beloved country not speaking Vietnamese, but speaking KickAss against those who would destroy the red, white, and blue."