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Watch the creepy new trailer for The Giver

Watch the creepy new trailer for The Giver

Fifteen years before The Hunger Games turned a dystopian setting into a blockbusting YA success, there was Lois Lowry's The Giver, which amassed legions of loyal readers after its debut in 1993. Those same readers will be thrilled with this new trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of The Giver for one key reason: It's in black and white, echoing an important aspect of the book's "perfect world" without race, illness, or conflict.

It's only when Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) meets The Giver (Jeff Bridges) that he begins to see in color. "You'll see them all in time. All colors, all differences," says Bridges, as the color begins to seep into the frame. "Our people chose to do away with emotions. Those morning injections take them away." It's the beginning of a path that leads Jonas to question everything about the world he lives in. Of course, Jonas' growing concerns about the nature of his world don't sit very well with Meryl Streep, the sinister leader who would prefer to maintain the village's status quo.

In recent years, audiences have been deluged with dystopian stories — but The Giver's still-thriving fan base, strong cast, and impressive visuals could make it stand out from the pack. We'll see if audiences have room for one more YA adaptation when it hits theaters in August. --Scott Meslow