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Remembering the tragedy of Tiananmen Square, 25 years later

Remembering the tragedy of Tiananmen Square, 25 years later

Twenty-five years ago, a pro-democratic protest turned deadly in China's Tiananmen Square. The country's Communist Party leaders sent the military in to clear out the student protesters; hundreds, if not thousands died in the subsequent crackdown.

Hopes of commemorating the day quickly turn to fears for safety each year; even now, reports the Los Angeles Times, political activists who do much more than mention the event are at risk of being placed under house arrest. Some dissenters have created unique ways to voice their opposition while dodging detention. A famous image from the 1989 day, known now as "Tank Man," became a jumping-off point for memes critiquing the crackdown. Protesters use savvy tricks to slip the image through tough Chinese online censors, such as swapping June 4 for #May35.

But as anger and fear remain near the site itself in Beijing, others around the world offer their own support and honor the dead. Below, images of one such ceremony, a candlelight vigil held in Hong Kong's Victoria Park, where tens of thousands arrived today to pay their respects and show solidarity. --Sarah Eberspacher