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Great Greendale Hope

Hulu is in talks to resurrect Community for a 6th season


When NBC pulled the plug on Community earlier this month, there was a glimmer of hope that its producer, Sony Pictures TV, might find the cult favorite a new home. That glimmer is now a little brighter, with Deadline reporting (and Entertainment Weekly confirming) early-stage talks for Hulu to pick up a 13-episode sixth season. Hulu already has digital rights to Community's first five seasons, and it wants to expand its original content. If streaming rival Netflix can bring Arrested Development back from the dead, why wouldn't Hulu resuscitate Community?

There are probably lots of reasons, and this deal may well lead nowhere. But just how dedicated is Community's fan base? Well, flash mobs of "Community activists" somewhat regularly converge on NBC buildings to stave off the often-threatened cancelation of the show. Here's a successful flash mob in New York City, in dead-of-winter 2011. Presumably Community has more fans outside of New York City (and inside it) who would watch the show from the comfort of their laptops. --Peter Weber