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Depressed goat lifts hunger strike after reuniting with donkey friend


Mr. G, the goat, and Jellybean, the donkey, lived for years in atrocious conditions on a California farm. But at least they had each other.

When animal welfare officials recently seized the buddies along with dozens of dogs and other farm animals from the reported hoarder's farm, the goat and donkey were sent to live in separate animal sanctuaries.

And although Mr. G was given new, clean digs at the Animal Place in northern California, and offered treats like sweet grain and apples, the goat retreated to a corner, refusing all nourishment and contact. After four days of this self-imposed hunger strike, and a check-up that revealed the goat was otherwise healthy, officials agreed Mr. G needed its friend. Dedicated employees spent three days tracking down Jellybean and drove 14 hours to pick him up.

The moment the truck pulled up and Mr. G heard Jellybean walk off, he leapt to his hooves and ran over to greet his friends. The two are now sharing a pen and Mr. G has regained his appetite. Watch the happy moment for yourself. --Lauren Hansen