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ABC orders a comedy called Selfie


Good job, everyone! Your incessant love of taking selfies has convinced ABC to order a new comedy called Selfie.

The premise is about as 2014 as you can get: "After suffering a very public and humiliating breakup, [the show's main character] becomes the subject of a viral video and suddenly has more social media 'followers' than she ever imagined — but for all the wrong reasons. She enlists the help of a marketing expert at her company to help repair her tarnished image."

While the show's name is certainly cringe-worthy, it might not be a total disaster — it comes from Emily Kapnek, who created the charming show Suburgatory, and also stars Harold and Kumar actor John Cho.

Selfie premieres this fall, and we're already dreading ABC's inevitably hashtag-happy marketing blitz.