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James Franco reveals he doesn't get (or care) how the internet works


James Franco has turned his celebrity into something of a spectator sport — both wittingly and (probably) without meaning to. So he couldn't have been too surprised when David Letterman chose to broach the topic of his Instagram account on The Late Show Thursday night. (This is a thing? Yes: BuzzFeed is concern-trolling Franco about an "Instagram intervention" — don't click if you don't want to see a lot of James Franco.)

Letterman showed Franco one of those photos — he's in his underwear, hand down pants — and asked what's going on. Franco said it's complicated, but that this is just a fun, casual thing he does. And then either got deliberately obtuse or showed his complete lack of understanding of how the internet functions (or both?). "It's not like I'm putting that on billboards — ostensibly, Instagram is for my fans," he protested. But those pesky bloggers are now following him. And now Letterman?

"I didn't ask you to look at it!" Franco told Letterman. "It's what the people want!" Right: Mostly those bloggers, probably. Just ask Anthony Weiner. But Weiner's career-derailing selfie was an unforced error — Franco's over-sharing is just strange. The public (and Hollywood) allow celebrities a generous amount of eccentricity, but becoming a Hollywood train wreck isn't great for your career. Just ask Lindsay Lohan. --Peter Weber