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Powerade dumps flame retardant-associated chemical

Matthew Lewis / Getty Images

Powerade will soon be less bro-y. No, it's not that the energy drink is spurning its sporty image, but rather that it is getting rid of brominated vegetable oil.

So what's wrong with a little brominated veggie oil in your post-workout beverage? BVO contains bromine — the element used in some flame retardants — and when ingested in high doses it's been linked to memory issues and skin and nerve problems, according to the Mayo Clinic. Though BVO has been banned as a food additive in Europe and Japan, it's often used in the U.S. to help stabilize citrus flavors in sugary drinks.

Coco-Cola, which owns Powerade, announced the decision after a Mississippi teenager petitioned the company to dump BVO. Pepsi, which owns Gatorade, took the same measure last year.