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Republican donors still love the Bush family

Andy Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Voters might have mixed feelings about the prospect of yet another Bush presidency, but within the big-money circles of the Republican Party it's a different story. In an article that focuses on how supporters of embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are shifting their allegiances to the Bushes, Michael Barbaro and Nicholas Confessore at The New York Times report that affection for the Bush clan remains deep among donors:

"They feel good about Jeb," said Barry Wynn, a fund-raiser for George W. Bush and a former chairman of the Republican Party in South Carolina. "They don't have any questions about his integrity."

The family name, he said, remains a powerful draw. "They love the Bush family," Mr. Wynn said. "They love the whole package, and they feel Jeb is just a part of the package." [The New York Times]

The fact of the matter is that these deep pockets are going to have an enormous influence on who wins the 2016 Republican nomination. Indeed, members of the Bush faithful have already taken to jokingly referring to Jeb as Mr. President, according to the Times.