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Meet the waffogato, Dominique Ansel's answer to the wonut


A little ol' mouse infestation can't stop Dominique Ansel Bakery from putting out yet another dessert hybrid. The waffogato, though, might be Ansel's craziest invention yet.

First was the cronut, and then Ansel rolled out the cookie shot last month. But while cookies and milk are a natural combination, waffle-shaped ice cream and espresso aren't. The "waffle" of the waffogato isn't a baked treat at all, but Tahitian vanilla ice cream "infused with actual bits of salted Belgian waffle." The ice cream is set in a waffle mold and drenched in maple syrup-infused espresso. Breakfast? Afternoon treat? You decide!

Ansel invented the waffogato for New York's Taste of the Nation event tonight, which benefits New York-based charity No Kid Hungry. The Wall Street Journal reports that the delicacy will be available at Dominique Ansel Bakery starting May 9 and will cost around $7. If history is any indication, you'll probably have to start waiting in line now to get a taste of this waffle-espresso heaven.