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Watch this adorable man find out he's going to be a granddad


Full disclosure: I am a total sucker for all things heartwarming. I'd wager there isn't a soldier returning home video that I haven't seen and wept at openly.

Well, today, I shed all of the happy tears for this mustachioed Cubs fan who finds out he is going to be a granddad. In the video, posted on April 19, the man's daughter shares the news using a pacifier as a clue. He doesn't make the connection, but then reads the attached note and immediately breaks out into giggles and says, "Alright!" But it gets better! After a moment's pause, he reads the note once more, clutches the pacifier in his both hands, places them under his chin, and looks at his daughter with wide, wet eyes before totally losing it.

I mean, really. How is anyone supposed to get any work done around here? Happy Friday! --Lauren Hansen