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Crime doesn't pay

Mafia boss is sad mobsters may have to get 'real jobs'

STEVE WOOD/Getty Images

Cue the tiny violin: Due to Italy's economic crisis, Mafia members may have to get traditional jobs.

Giovanni Di Giacomo, boss of the Porta Nuova clan of the Cosa Nostra mob, was recorded from his prison cell in Palermo complaining of the recession's effects on mobsters. Di Giacomo said his employees currently earn a "miserable" $7,000 to $9,700 a month and may be better off financially by "getting a real job."

Di Giacomo also noted that handouts to family members and jailed Mafia members had been lessened to keep the organization afloat. He also cursed Rosario Crocetta, governor of Sicily, for budget cuts to hotels and building sites that provided outlets for his employees.

If you were planning to join the Mafia to earn some extra cash, now may not be the time — even mobsters are struggling to pay the bills. Mafiosi: They're just like us!