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Bible skepticism doubles in three years, survey finds


The number of Americans skeptical of the Bible has doubled over the past three years, a new survey reveals.

The State of the Bible poll discovered that those who believe that the Bible is "just another book of teachings written by men that contains stories and advice" doubled from 10 to 20 percent since 2011. The survey, which was conducted by the Barna Group, found that one in five Americans read the Bible at least four times week — equal to the percentage of those who are skeptical of it.

Although the Bible obviously remains a "highly valued, influential force" in America, as the Christian Post says, it's also certainly a polarizing document with millennials. Forty percent of those aged 18 to 29 admitted to never having read it because they were "busy," and 30 percent think the Bible isn't influential enough in society (versus 50 percent of adults).

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