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Jon Hamm explains his embarrassing dating show appearance


There was a brief flurry last week over an unlikely viral video: A clip from the obscure '90s dating show The Big Date, in which then-unknown Mad Men star Jon Hamm pitched an "evening of total fabulosity" to a female contestant.

She turned him down — but in a Tuesday appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Hamm said he doesn't hold a grudge. "Would you have picked me?" asks Hamm. "That was 1995. I was all of 24 years old, and making some questionable decisions with my life. "

Hamm isn't sure who finally uncovered the 19-year-old video, but he lays out one possible scenario. "I think the best thing about that whole thing was thinking about whatever intern was going through the stacks of videotapes from some production company in North Hollywood somewhere, trying to upload them to YouTube, like "Ughhhhhh, I only have 10 more cases of these to — wait a minute. That can't... go back. Uh, boss? You're going to want to get in here." --Scott Meslow