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New Mexico woman finds a metal bolt in her Applebee's burger


A New Mexico woman bit into her burger from Applebee's and found the exact opposite of what she wanted: a metal bolt. Diana Almarez, the victim's sister, told KOB-TV that her sister found the bolt Saturday in a plate of sliders.

"She bit into it and got a funny look on her face and we said what's wrong?" Almarez said. "As she kind of pulled the slider out of her mouth a little bit, there was this bolt."

Needless to say, she wasn't thrilled about finding the inedible object embedded into the patty. Although the waiter gave them the meal for free, the family was alarmed to discover that the restaurant kept serving the sliders directly after the incident. "I think they should have stopped selling the slider meat right then and there until they figure out where it came from, find out who processed the hamburger," Almarez said.

An Applebee's spokesman said the company is reviewing the matter. --Jordan Valinsky