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The Search Continues

Thai satellites locate 300 'objects' near suspected crash site


A Thai satellite company said that it has spotted 300 floating objects in the southern Indian Ocean, giving investigators more evidence that the vanished Malaysia Airlines flight crashed 1,700 miles southwest of Perth. The pictures were taken March 24, a day after a French satellite found 122 pieces of potential plane debris. The new images show the possible debris floating 120 miles away from the purported objects the French located.

"Our satellites have located numerous amounts of floating objects at the area about 1,700 miles southwest of Perth and those objects have been identified as real and not just a silhouette or fish or anything else," said a Thai official to NBC News. "It’s probably manmade but we cannot identify or confirm its origin."

Poor weather has hampered search efforts into the remote area. The Australian Navy, who is coordinating the search efforts, had to send its planes back today because of the rough conditions. As the search approaches the third week, actual materials from the doomed jet have still not yet been found.