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Anthony Weiner's 'brashness' just got him a new job

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Former congressman and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner — who has been looking for a new gig ever since he twice torpedoed his political career by sexting random women on the internet — has finally found a job. Beginning this week, Weiner will write a monthly political column (creatively titled, "Weiner!") for Business Insider.

"We believe the unique combination of brashness and wonkiness that made Weiner one of last year's most memorable candidates and one of the most high-profile advocates for health-care reform during his time in Congress will make him a perfect fit for Business Insider," said Hunter Walker, the site's politics editor.

Other people may quibble that what truly made Weiner a "memorable" candidate was his serial philandering and his paramour, Sydney Leathers, who chased Weiner around Manhattan on election night and cashed in on her newfound fame with a sex tape.

No word yet on whether Weiner will be allowed to curate one of Business Insider's signature slideshows.