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Here's George Washington dunking all over Kim Jong-un while Lincoln and Stalin watch

Reddit / Aaron Needham (aka: I_may_be_Dead)

Have you ever wondered what George Washington would look like on a basketball court? I mean, we know he was, at 6'3", one of the tallest presidents, something that should lend itself well to a sport dominated by giant humans.

Well, wonder no longer. As Deadspin pointed out this morning, Reddit user I_may_be_Dead, at the behest of another Redditor, painted this incredible image of the first president posterizing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The best part of it, though, may be the mischievous-looking Lincoln, sans stovepipe hat, putting a solid box out on Stalin.

The artist behind the image is Aaron Needham. You can check out more of his work — it's all amazing, though sadly there are no other images of presidents going all Blake Griffin on foreign leaders — over at his Tumblr.