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Peanuts: Get your first glimpse of the new Charlie Brown movie


The cartoons based on Charles Schulz's Peanuts are beloved classics — but will audiences want to sit down for a feature-length adventure with Charlie Brown and the gang? That's the hope of Blue Sky Studios, which is updating Peanuts for the modern day — and we finally have our first look at the movie's sure-to-be-polarizing animation style.

In terms of content, this first teaser plays it pretty safe, offering a glimpse of Snoopy and Charlie Brown's usual antics set to the familiar rhythm of "Linus and Lucy."

But the CG visuals — and the reminder of the film's inevitable 3D release — are sure to enrage many Peanuts purists. Is this a smart modernization of Charles Schulz's beloved comic strip, or has Blue Sky Studios failed to capture the magic of Peanuts? Decide for yourself below. --Scott Meslow