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Poll: Twice as many Americans say sugar is more harmful than marijuana

David McNew/Getty Images

At the end of a wide-ranging new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, respondents were asked to pick the most harmful of four substances. Almost half (48 percent) picked tobacco, 24 percent named alcohol, and then things got weird: 15 percent listed sugar as the most harmful thing for our body, with marijuana picking up the tail end at 8 percent. Yes, twice as many Americans said sugar is more detrimental to your health than pot.

Weed also won the race for the attention of the Millennials. An impressive 57 percent of respondents age 18 to 35 told the pollsters that they have "seen, read, or heard a lot" about the efforts to legalize marijuana, while only 44 percent said the same of ObamaCare, 39 percent about Russia's invasion of Crimea, and 34 percent the string of court cases in favor of same-sex marriage. This is generally good news for those pushing to legalize recreational pot, and bad news for Big Tobacco and, to a lesser extent, craft brewers.